Thursday, August 19, 2010

KTM wishlist

I just tried the KTM 990 SMT, and as I am positively impressed, I am equally amazed how stupid KTMs can be designed and built.
The chassis is fantastic, it's quick, light steering, stable, powerful, and wheelie prone. Unfortunately there are some build and design issues:
The mirrors will probably fall off before your test drive is over. Why ? The mirrors on my Yamaha have never vibrated off. Are the Japanese smarter, or do they just give a shit?
The brake pedal is model 80's, like it's made in a shool workshop, kindof like it's bent from one piece of tin can, with a serrated edge. I know that KTM says they're about "Ready to Race" and such, but they should be equally about quality, since people are used to buying the Japanese passive quality, where everything stuck together stays that way, and engines never break down.

Another stupid thing is the instrument console, it's unreadable, and doesn't have a fuel meter. Why ? Why is that so hard ?

Until my here wishlist is complete, I'll stick to Yamahas:
- Fuel meter
- mirrors that don't vibrate off
- readable instruments
- better quality rearsets
- Better fuel economy

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