Saturday, October 15, 2011

Samsung SmartTV traffic

My SmartTV does magic things without asking me, like installing new updates to SmartTV, adding apps, removing apps, disabling stuff in the menu, re-enabling it, etc. I've tried to sniff the network traffic it creates in order to find out what to block in order to stop it from communicating with external servers, but not to stop it from streaming movies from my computer. My findings are the following:

-the TV is creating a lot of ARP traffic.

-It tries to communicate over SSDP with which means it's trying to find something by multicasting

No incoming traffic to appears, maybe it's getting the updates over the cable provider's network.
Please comment if you have any more information on how these updates work.

Actually I later realized that all I saw was the broadcast traffic, because of the switched network. I'll have to re-do this next time the TV gets on my nerves with connecting to Samsung and downloading updates.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Undercover Mac

This app really is "undercover". You download it to try it, but there's no trial license. So you uninstall it.

BUT: it leaves behind a system service that still talks to their servers. Just open a console window, or a task manager window, and search for uclocator.

Download Lingon, a launchd editor, find the uclocator service, stop it and disable it. Then go to /Library/LaunchAgents/ and remove com.orbicule.uclocator.plist which is the service descriptor file.
In order to get rid of ALL of it I also removed /usr/bin/uc directory. Now everything should be gone.
Trust noone ;)