Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Undercover Mac

This app really is "undercover". You download it to try it, but there's no trial license. So you uninstall it.

BUT: it leaves behind a system service that still talks to their servers. Just open a console window, or a task manager window, and search for uclocator.

Download Lingon, a launchd editor, find the uclocator service, stop it and disable it. Then go to /Library/LaunchAgents/ and remove com.orbicule.uclocator.plist which is the service descriptor file.
In order to get rid of ALL of it I also removed /usr/bin/uc directory. Now everything should be gone.
Trust noone ;)


Peter Juhy said...

You are a star - I was trying to figure this out for some time now I am a happy man! ;)

Adrian said...

Nice to know it helped