Monday, September 05, 2011

Samsung UE46D65 LED TV bugs

So I got my new TV-set and already I found some bugs, even if this model is considered to be among the top Samsung range. The following is probably true for all Samsung sets with the SmartTV function.

1. When manually editing the channel list, you press edit on a channel, and if that same channel exists at a previous channel number, the previous channel number opens up in EDIT mode. Idiotic

2. If a network connection problem exists, you cannot exit the "login to Smart ID" menu. You have to turn off the TV

3. If you turn off the TV during an update, it won't boot again. Unplug powercord and wait a couple of minutes for it to "settle" then plug in the power again and it boots. Pheww ..

4. You cannot remove certain installed software, such as Facebook, Social TV. It ends up in a "special" uneditable place. Arrgh ..

5. You can't actually remove added accounts from the Smart Hub configuration menu (D)

6. You cannot access Smart Hub directly after start, because you get an "Installing" prompt which blocks any other operation for like 3 minutes.

7. The system updates on it own, without your permission. It also installs software that Samsung selects for You. No, thanks, I really don't want that, Samsung..

8. There's no skipping in the media player.

Allow me a couple more days to find more issues ...

A new update auto-flashed, and now I don't have accounts any more, and I can't remove software. Great ..

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